Wednesday, July 18, 2007

James Michael "Mike" Howard

James Michael "Mike" Howard, born 10/07/1844 in Houston (now Peach) County, GA. Married Mary Jane Christmas, born 06/10/1844 in Dooly County, on 01/07/1864.

Mike's parents were Allan (or Allen) and Mary Sangster Howard; both were born in South Carolina. His paternal grandparents were Michael & Temperance Watson Howard, of Edgefield, SC. His maternal grandparents were Peter Sangster & Susannah Clements.

Mike was a soldier in the Civil War, joining in November 1861 at Savannah. He was originally in the 4th GA Battalion, which was quickly absorbed into the 60th GA Infantry. However, Mike became ill during the winter and received a medical discharge in early 1862. By May of that same year, he and other members of his extended family joined the 62nd GA Cavalry, which later became the 8th GA Cavalry. During the Civil War, Mike was a color bearer, not an easy task. He, incredulously, survived and died, many years later, in 1909.

Today, the existing Howard farm is located near the area where Allan and his son, Mike, lived. Several generations of the Howard family are buried in Lane Cemetery, off GA Highway 27, in the eastern part of Dooly County. Other known cemeteries, where Howard family members are interred, are in Peach and Houston counties.

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